Embarking in a new dimension I truck forward in time to discovery more of our universes secrets. Beheld in front of my perception I met with a group of vibrations to help me rip open a void into this unknown world of parallel shapes expanding and contracting into each other. With there full consciousness and intellectual awareness they notice that I can see them. I am not the only one who has tumbled into this bizarre abstract world of conglomerating sound waves.
I found a random artist called “PlanetAldol” who has shown me a new dimension in sound. My ears could not believe what it was comprehending and how sound could ever do such a thing. Complete chaos in the midst’s of ambient silence?!?!? “Nonsense! Despicable jibber jabber”, said the Normal inside me. But was indeed true that I have found something new and wonderful.
PlanetAldol has a label called “earsheltering records” which is based out of France. I was determined to be apart of what they were doing, so I created a semi ambient EP to get released on the label called “Zoogoo-scraggled a far”. It wasn’t long before me and planetaldol decided it must be necessary that we combine our music, because in many ways we related with each other. The fact that we live on the other side of the world did not stop us to communicate on the greatest human outlet we know of.
Planetzoo is a mix of our imprecision and editing skills that gets sound sources from field recordings and years of processed sound.